How acupuncture can help you get pregnant

So you’ve  been trying conceive for some time now.   Maybe you’re just now exploring possible fertility barriers or perhaps you’ve explored every corner endlessly, tested it all, tried it all.  Well, fertility acupuncture is here for you!

Firstly, there is so much out there you may be dealing with, from hormone imbalances and ovulation issues to physical barriers such as cysts, scar tissue, PCOS, endometriosis or even egg and sperm quality.   In any case, you’re not alone and you DO have options.

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (RAc or RTCMP)  we often see people seeking our help as a ‘last resort’.  We get it, it can be a hard concept to wrap your head around!  Think of it like this… Acupuncture let’s us tap into the circulatory and central nervous systems, literally the control centers for all function and homeostasis in the body. When we do this we can then create changes in the body such as:

  • Regulate HORMONES
  • Regulate your CYCLE
  • Reduce stress to lower CORTISOL (Did you know cortisol literally hijacks the building blocks of your reproductive hormones?)
  • Increase BLOOD FLOW to reproductive organs to improve
    • Function
    • Egg or sperm quality
    • Thicken the uterine lining
  • Support IVF or IUI transfers

Wherever you may be in your journey, your TCM practitioner can help you get past the barriers or simply prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. Stay tuned for more about Acupuncture during Pregnancy and Acupuncture for Labour Induction and Postpartum Care!


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