Triada offers Traditional Chinese Medicine by fully trained registered Acupuncturists. Chinese Medicine offers a unique diagnosis and treatment approach to address everything from pain, fertility, pregnancy, mental health, immune function, sleep, digestion to name a few!

Massage Therapy

We work diligently to bring you the pain and stress relief you deserve. Our massage therapists are highly trained to support you on your journey to recovery! Massage can also assist with migraines, frozen shoulder, disc degeneration, TMJ, pre & post surgical procedures, as well as pre & post natal care.


Our chiropractors practice evidence-based health care; using the best available research, clinical guidelines, and your preferences to formulate a care plan that works for you. We employ soft tissue techniques, rehab, modalities, and adjustments to help you reach your mobility and health goals.


Triada physiotherapy treatment encompasses a combination of manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, education and suction cupping. This includes a well-structured treatment plans and a focus on client-centered care to help patients achieve their goals and their pre-injury level of functioning. 

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A Postpartum Rehab Series just for you!

Dr. Megs mission is to educate women on the information they are receiving about their bodies, rehabilitation, and training during the postpartum period. Helping you regain the necessary function and strength and refocus on yourself to fill your own cup!

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