Dr Andrew Bell

Dr. Andrew Bell


I first took an interest in Chiropractic at the age of 17. I had been working in at McCullough’s Feed and Seed store in Lanark, slugging feedbags. I was a strong adolescent, and though it sure wasn’t proper lifting technique I liked to impress the farmers by picking up feedbags without bending my legs, lifting them over my head, and flinging them to the front of their truck. These bags weighed up to 100lbs each and, as fun as this was, a few months of lifting improperly took its toll. I quickly learned that physics will grind down even the strongest individual.

I was hobbled, eventually only able to drag the bags as there was no ability to throw left in me. Badly bent over, I had to stabilize myself with both hands on my knees to look up at the clock wishing for the end of the day.

My employer, a kind man and father to my best friend, said “Andrew you have to do something, this job is killing you.” I didn’t know what to do and felt that  medication would just cover up what was going on and not fix anything. He suggested I try Chiropractic.

 I was unsure about Chiropractic as my parents, at that time, were pretty skeptical. But then I remembered that my grandfather Bell swore by them and enjoyed getting adjusted, though he referred to his Doctor of Chiropractic as the “bone bender”.

Eventually I met with the chiropractor. He examined me thoroughly, and showed me what I had done to myself and was happy and to help me restore normal motion and position to the vertebra of my spine. He took time to educate me, and explained that these subluxations were affecting my brain’s ability to send and receive impulses to and from the rest of my body. I responded quickly to the adjustments, and felt great relief within the first weeks. We continued to adjust and correct my spine’s motion over the following months, I felt better than I could remember feeling. I then decided I needed to become a Chiropractor, and share this experience with others.

Preferred Techniques:

My preferred techniques for adjusting are Thompson which is a full spine assessment and correction protocol, Diversified and Activator. I am also trained in Gonstead which uses the x-ray technique to discern the status of the spine prior to treatment and rule out contraindications to adjustments, flexion distraction, sacral occipital technique, upper cervical specific and applied kinesiology.


Dr. Bell started his education at Ambassador University, in Big Sandy, Texas, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic in April 2002 from Parker College in Dallas, Texas. He later practiced in various clinics in the greater Dallas Area, gaining a great deal of experience with auto injury and whiplash. He returned to Canada in 2012 to resume his practice in the greater Ottawa area.

Enough about me! What’s important is how we can help you!

For more information on chiropractic please visit The Canadian Chiropractic Association, or book in with our chiropractor for a complimentary consult.


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