What is Massage Therapy?

What is Massage Therapy? Should be a simple answer, really…it depends on what your expectation of massage is. Some people prefer more of a relaxation focus, some people prefer to have a deep tissue focus. Both are right, and sometimes a combination is needed for an effect to happen.

How do Massage Therapists know what depth or technique to use? That answer is a little longer…

Registered Massage Therapists are subjected to a rigorous 2200 hour education that can span anywhere between 18 months to 3 years, depending on where they completed their education. We are all trained in Swedish massage techniques, and will usually pick up other techniques after we have graduated and become registered. We are trained to look at the body as a whole, using specialized tests, posture and range of motion to help us determine where to treat once we have our hands on the body. We may determine depth through your preference as a person or by what the tissues underneath are allowing to happen. But as with any treatment, if the depth needs to change, whether it is because it is too deep or too light, please let us know, we’re usually pretty intuned to your body, but sometimes we need a little direction too!

What is expected after the treatment is done?

Your therapist will often give you homework or “homecare” as we call it, to ensure you get the best benefit from your treatment. It may be something as simple as a stretch, something to be mindful of, or something a bit more in depth such as additional deeper work like frictioning to an previously treated area. If you’re not sure what your therapist is asking of you, just ask!

Now, how often am I expected to return?

This is something usually agreed upon between you and your therapist at the end of the treatment. Depending on the severity of the case presented to the therapist, they may suggest that you return a bit more frequently for a short period. Otherwise you are the one who decides when you need to return for treatment.

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