Ever wonder why your initial assessment involves?

So you’ve had a couple treatments with various Massage Therapists, each one varying in style. In a lot of instances, RMT’s offer an initial massage in a 60 minute time frame. Seems pretty fair as far as price and duration are concerned, right? Maybe, but are you seeing the results you had hoped for?

Has there been a problem that has been brewing for the last few days, weeks, months, or possibly even years? Past motor vehicle accidents, slips, trips, falls, broken bones? These all play a role in how your body is feeling today. They may not affect you EVERY day, but they do affect you at some point.

Massage Therapy programs are teaching students to utilize the 60 minute appointment as efficiently as possible. That 60 minute time frame is used to assess, make a treatment plan, get consent, allow time for the client to disrobe and get onto the table in the prescribed manor, treat affected area(s), allow time for the client to re-dress, give home care, and re-book. Seems like a lot, right? 

It is, and that’s usually why clients end up with about 30-40 minutes of hands-on time, when they have been expecting 60 minutes. Believe me, we don’t like only having 30-40 minutes of hands on time either, it makes the treatment seem rushed and we can’t focus on the areas that really need care.

This is where the 90 minute initial assessment and treatment is beneficial. We are able to have you come in, go through your health history, talk about the motor vehicle accident back in 2000, talk about how you slipped on the ice, hit your head, and have had pretty bad headaches since. It also allows us time to properly assess, including special tests if needed, and make suggestions for further care. This allows the Massage Therapist to thoroughly assess your history and how to approach your treatment. This is then followed by a full 60 minutes of hands-on time. Seems pretty nice right?

We all want to ensure you receive the treatment you want and deserve. Once the initial assessment and treatment is done, we can then decide what time frame and treatment schedule works best for you!

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at admin@triadahealthottawa.com and we will help you get the best for your care!