Early chiropractic care after concussion is important.

In the past we have had patients  call to cancel upcoming  appointments  because they have had a concussion. This is absolutely NOT necessary! In fact, not seeking early chiropractic care for concussions can be detrimental to recovery. Of course, if you are unable to drive due to your concussion and have no one to take you… safety first!

Last year Dr. Werner studied concussion management with the University of Calgary  and Laval University. During the course they strongly stressed the advantages of early chiropractic care after concussion. The bottom line is that there are many physical MSK (Musculoskeletal) issues that often accompany concussions that need speedy attention for best results. You absolutely SHOULD have a care provider available to help track and manage your symptoms. This can significantly help you manage your return to activity after a concussion.

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-Dr. Werner

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