In honor of remembrance day, we would like to speak to our community about how we at Triada Health Ottawa are committed to helping our military friends and family access complementary alternative health care. All of our care providers are registered with Blue Cross so those covered under these programs (veterans, serving military personal, and RCMP) can access their care without hassle. Yay, direct billing!

Dr. Werner is also an approved provider for outside CAF referrals. She has seen many actively serving members through the years and continues to provide top-notch care to help them with their muscular, skeletal, and neurological complaints. 

Tracey grew up in a military family, and Dr. Werner married into one. We know all too well the special sacrifices it takes to serve your country and community. This is very close to our hearts and we take great pride in doing everything we can to help alleviate some of the physical and mental consequences. Helping our military access to health care is our priority!

We appreciate the sacrifices made by all those serving or who have served. We understand the toll on their time with friends and family, and to their personal, physical, and mental health. We thank you for your service.

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